Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The most important lessons Catholic school principals should draw from Essay

The most important lessons Catholic school principals should draw from the history of Catholic Church - Essay Example The principals should understand that the most important task of any Catholic School is to maintain continuous strength of the schools. The history of Catholic Church gives out the important lessons that the principals should be aware. Such lessons are; the school should be sustained by gospel witness, have supernatural mission and vision, founded on Christianity, animated by communion and community, and filled with Catholic principals throughout. This essay gives an outline of all these five important lessons that Catholic School Head teachers should be familiar. Supernatural Vision The Catholic Church terms education as the process of transforming children to fix their eyes on heaven. The major purpose of Catholic Church education is to educate students to be good citizens and God-fearing ones. Therefore, the Schools’ Principals should ensure that they produce citizens who have good morals and follow the will of Almighty. Catholic Schools, unlike other institutions such as Government, business, and media, which view education as an instrument for acquisition information to students to improve their living standard and chances of worldly success, Catholic Churches’ vision of education is to help student improve their moral behaviors, be God loving, and become saints of the world to come. Christian Anthropology Foundation The Catholic Churches emphasizes on Supernatural destiny of students meaning that schools should perfect all students to become good images of God. The Catholic history describes that graces depends on the nature of the human beings. Therefore, the Principals should be aware that Catholic School educators should be able to understand the human person. The educators should have both natural and supernatural power of perfection of the students under their care (Stewart, 2008:212). However, the Catholic history emphasizes on schools educational philosophy built on a proper understa nding of what human person is. All the Catholic School educators should teach his lessons with Christianity concept. Therefore, Catholic Schools, unlike other public schools is not a factory of teaching skills to fulfill the skill requirement for business and industry, and must be founded on Christian Anthropology. Animated on Communion and Community According to Catholic History, a school is a community of persons and faith. Due to this emphasis, Catholic Schools are different from public schools and roots to the nature of human being and church reality. Therefore, catholic schools are educational community. Schools' Principals should be aware that Catholic schools are as a community according to the church Council (Stewart, 2008:121). The dimension of this community is a theological perception rather than sociological group. Catholic History defines school in four areas: teamwork of the involved, educators and bishops’ cooperation, teacher-students’ interaction, and physical environment of the school. The principal should ensure that the school adheres to all these aspects for a smooth running of the schools. Schools should be always imbued with Catholic Worldview One of the key factors of a Catholic school is the permeation of Catholicism spirit throughout its curriculum. According to Catholic history, the purpose of education in school is to perfect growth of the students. Education has the main purpose of developing students’ capability by improving his or her physical, psychological, moral standards, and religious capabilities (Stewart, 2008:293). In order for the school to produce integral students, it must have gospel guidance. Therefore, the principals should ensure tha

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