Monday, November 25, 2019

Gore and Florida essays

Gore and Florida essays November 7, 2000. Over a hundred million people turned out to vote for our nations president. The election was decided by 537. Twenty-five controversial electoral votes were given to George Bush, and thus giving him the presidency. I am here to inform that there is statistical evidence that shows Al Gore won the state of Florida, in turn making him our 43rd president of the United States of America. Although there are numerous studies, that haven proven the statement that Al Gore actually received more votes in Florida, there are two that I would like to focus on. One is a statistical analysis done by the Miami Herald and the other is a physical count of the uncertified ballots done by the National Opinion Research Center. The first analysis was done by non-partisan newspaper, The Miami Herald. After the election, the Miami Herald spent thirteen months on a study to see who the outright winner of the state and therefore the winner of the presidency. The outcome was astonishing. The Miami Herald reported that under a fair, full and accurate count of the ballots, Al Gore would have won the state by 23,000 votes. This report was conducted by statistically analyzing the voting behaviors of the 5,885 precincts in the state of Florida as well as analyzing the several categories of disputed votes. These categories included illegal solicitation of absentee voters, illegally duplicated votes, the confusing ballots of Palm Beach, overseas ballots and illegal votes by felons. Stephen Diog, at statistics professor at Arizona State University and head of the study, found through extensive research that Gore would receive 117,000 more votes, while Bush would only receive 75,000 more. Keep in mind that this was a conservative estimate, meaning Bush most likely received fewer votes. Pollsters and statisticians from around the country have all called this study very reasonable. ...

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